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Hak.5 now on G4 -- rename to Hack of a Show

Darren Kitchen

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Great news people! This morning, April 1st, Technolust Productions has signed over all rights to Hak.5 over to our favorite American tech station, G4. Our show will now join G4’s amazing lineup along side The Man Show and Star Trek – The Next Generation. In order to fit G4’s demographics however a few changes will be made to the show.

The hacking segments will be replaced with game reviews, but don’t worry. We’ll hack the games with cheat codes like up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A.

The Modding segments now primarily focus on hacking the Xbox. Tune in each week as we show you yet another way to add a mod chip, install an xbox media center, install a mod chip, backup games, and install a solderless mod chip.

The networking tips and tricks will be replaced with game reviews, but don’t worry. We’ll be showing you how to run your very own xbox LAN party. Every week!

And of course Alli will be manning the IRC chat and taking viewer questions. We’ll put on a fake smile and pretend we care.

Don’t worry; it’s not all over though. We’re still keeping the Trivia segments. Though questions will be more like “Which key’s the any-key?” and “Have you ever played Mega Man?”

We’ll also be playing the same 3 commercials throughout the show, over and over again. It’s a small price to pay, but we’re almost positive that the 10% / 90% content to commercial ratio will keep you entertained!

We’re excited about seeing Hak.5 on G4 soon. Well, actually they’re changing the name to Hack-of-a-Show, but I’m sure it will still be cool.


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