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HackRF one as wimax signal locator


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So new to SDR. Im looking for a internet solution for a rual area. Being that dsl is out of the question the only solution I have is fixed wireless internet. So I was thinking I have a hackRF one and wondering if some how it is possible to use it as a wimax 3.5ghz line of sight signal finder and strength indicator for fixed wireless internet.


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You could use it to find the signal direction.  But when it comes to strength there are a lot of variables.  The majors ones are antenna type, antenna location, and the transceivers RX sensitivity would effect how will the signal strength is

Most companies in our area installing fixed wireless will come do a signal evaluation at no cost.  Or at least cancel your install at no charge if a tech finds the signal to be weak at your location.  Maybe something you want to ask the provider about.  I know they use panel/patch style antennas in our area and require there techs to install them.  

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