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ssh without password


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Hello everyone

I want to connect via ssh to my wifi pineapple nano without a password and i'v been following this tutorial but i get an error. Can someone help me by letting me know if it's possible. And if it's possible, can someone help me with the command line and where should i put my public key in the sd of the pineapple.

Thanks for your help

cmd error.png

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i puted my public key at the root of my pineapple sd card in a folder that i named ''autorized_keypath at the path:  '.ssh/autorized_keypath/'  

i tryed then the command line:    ssh -i C:\Users\tribo\.ssh\id-rsa root@                                       (id-rsa is my private key)

but it keep asking for my password 😕  what did i did wrong ?

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