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Looking for Wifi Pineapple MK IV files.


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Hi I know this is the wrong forum but I was hoping someone could assist me as it's more active over here..

I have the Wifi Pineapple MK IV aka the Alfa AP121U from back in 2012. I'm trying to get the the stock firmware file: Hornet-B6-v3.1-0810-r7e2145-BIN
But every link online I find now doesn't work as its old etc. I know someone in these forums must have this file somewhere, and if they could provide me with it I'd be ever so greatful.

I'm going off of this tutorial on how to downgrade back to stock firmware: https://blog.alfa.com.tw/2015/09/18/ap121-to-openwrt-in-and-out-step-by-step-procedure/ but the links provided don't come with the stock firmware.

Thanks in advance 🙂

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