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Which Is Better? MS Office 2003 or MS Office 2007?


Which MS Office Is Better?  

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    • MS Office 2003
    • MS Office 2007
    • Open Office

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Office 2003/2007 is better than Open Office IMO, but Open Office is a lot cheaper. If you can afford Office 2003/2007, use windows (particularly if your working in a corp. env) and need guaranteed support, go for MS Office. If your just looking for something cheap to do your school work on and don't need support (a forum/wiki does not count as support... I'm talking about SLA's etc), use Open Office. But I really don't understand why it has to be either/or, why can't you just use both?

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Maybe it is just me, but I think that they all do about the same thing. If you like all the other add-ons. Then I say go with MS Office or Corel Office. But I don't do that much document make or spreed sheets or what not. But OpenOffice is free and it works for what I need it for.

But it is a good poll question :)

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hmm atm im using '03, but i think '07 is slighty better, pretty much coz of the UI, also atm im not gonna be going out and buying '07 (:O yes i do buy not warez) but im waiting for it to become more readly used by people i share documents with, ie. work. So that im not in need of saving documents backwards compatible.

Though i am happy to pay the current price, ill just wait and hope it gets a little cheaper.

oh also i have a copy of openOffice on my U3, and have to say being a MS fan OpenOffice is not for me.

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i dunno pple are always thinking about buying stuff while they are there for free

i can say i never bought a piece of software ever and i always find wt i want :twisted:.

-the only thing is the Windows Xp home that came with the laptop and nothin i could do abt it-

the rest of things are simply found anywhere. :lol:

so about buying software and there are others for free doing the job it's done! and u dnt need to buy or pay for it.

try out the beta release of office12 and then decide (i actually tried it and really it really funky to use) with the drop shadows things positioning new powerpoint things, it's how u need to get your work done.

at the end i use both office 2003 and Open Office for Both Windows and Linux -Open Office tab3an mesh office MS Office 2003-

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when do project work, formating is a must (kinda rules out notepad - unless u like to tab alot). Also i pay for what i want to use, Windows has spent millions on making a very user friendly UI, so im really willing to pay if it means im not gonna need to think and wast time.

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my projects are never pretty, but straigh to the content

kinda like essays

i work with dumbass's *looks over shoulder*, my reports need to have all pretty flo chats tabels, pictures and such, ruffly 1-2 weeks to make the project, 3-5 weeks writing about what i did, how i did it, its output, and its usage :S

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