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"Error connecting to WiFiPineapple...

Johnny 666

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NOTICE: I do believe I found a portion of all the connect problems. At least this worked for me to finally be able to use both my laptops...

  1. After running setup on the wp6 script, I then ran the connect using saved settings. This got rid of my connection error.
  2. I then discovered my SD card was bad, first time I had one go bad on me but it does happen.

I am now able to connect just fine, everything seems to be working great. I was able to update the firmware and all. Right now I just need to understand what is meant by correct formatting for the SD card. Have a new SD card and the wifi pineapple instructions tell me to be sure to correctly format the SD card. I never had to format an SD card before, just pop it in and use it. What is meant by correct format of the SD card? What else do I need to do with it to use it and it work properly with my Nano? 😀

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