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Readyboost XP?

Mr Andrewson

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Would it be possible to readyboost xp like vista does, 'cos i have quite a sh*t graphics card and it won't let me run vista, and if we can readyboost xp, i will be able to use my 1 gig memory stick through my psp as RAM, correct?

nope, ReadyBoost doesn't use flash memory as RAM (that would make things incredibly slow). It caches stuff that it needs every time it boots on there, thus (theoretically) making the boot process faster. This will probably never work on XP.

Why do you want to run vista any way? Ubuntu ftw!

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Lol, Ubuntu will be ftw when i get my router (soon) then i will be like "Z0omg i have a working network on Ubuntuz!" But i just wondered, 'cos i would have liked the thought, i just tried for the fifth time to install the speedtouch on Ubuntu (how desperate i am) but no success, i'll wait for my router, any good routers which work with ubuntu anyone know of?

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I know i've posted this router before (this is the one i am getting)


But, i want to know how it will be set up, i get confused, does it plug in the phone line with a dual adapter (for phone and router) or does it plug into the ethernet socket at the back of my computer?

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Ubuntu is going to end up just as bad as windows.

I think I might have to agree too.

As good and easy to use Ubuntu is, maybe after getting so big and popular, and maybe (just a really open minded opinion) That if they get a really big "market share" they might start selling the OS, or might become the "Free Open Source MS"

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Its the iPod factor. Ubuntu's ultimate goal is to make Linux for the masses, a distro that totally replaces windows and is just as easy to use. Part of this means that eventually they will need to support the DRM'd codecs that iPods and the next gen HD formats require to function. Without this support, out of the box and fully compliant with the standards it will never dent windows or osx's market share. People are not prepared to screw around with something for a few days with the CLI, just to get a DVD working, they will pay for that. Obviously these parts cannot be open source, and this is already shown when looking at including more hardware support out of the box.

Another linked factor is that its intended market is Joe & Jane Q. Public, and as anyone who has worked in tech support will already know, they are fucktards when it comes to tech. Simple things like opening a command prompt and telneting into a pop3 server become 20minute battles over the spelling of "telnet". And to do well in that market, it will have to alter linux to make it easier. More reliance on the gui etc. And the removal of the root&user distinctions shows this.

So, after 5 years of continuous tinkering, more proprietary software included, license fee's to pay and a far less tech savvy user base Ubuntu will probally have deviated substantially from the rest of the distro's, thanks mainly to the amount of money it has backing it, which allows it to achieve far more. Where other distro's have tried to keep standards, Ubuntu has a far more go-it-alone attitude. I can eventually see Ubuntu turning into a OSX like alternative to windows that does everything out of the box (ie hardware, DRM etc) but cost $X for mandatory support.

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