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Difficulty with wifi connect payload


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I am trying to get acquainted with the signal owl but am having trouble running a payload or the WiFi connect payload in particular. I had no trouble updating the firmware by USB and connecting through ssh in arming mode over the open owl ssid. But when i attempted to run the WiFi connect payload i first copied it over from the downloaded library using scp to the payload dir in the owl. I then unplugged and plugged it back in and it went through the boot sequence then the led went out. I then tried to load it from the same USB stick i updated it with. After it booted this time the led on the usb drive flashes a bit and the led on the owl stays solid red and still no connectivity up to this point. Any idea what i am doing wrong? I also am not using an external wifi stick at this point just the internal radio on the owl.

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So i got it connected. After a little back and forth with the password. I found it when i checked out wpa-wlan0.conf and found only part of my password saved. My password has a $ character and the part of my password that saved stopped at the $ character. I created a guest account and made a password for it (pa$$word). It interpreted the $ characters as sets of numbers for each one. example: pa1617word. I then changed the password to one with numbers and letters only and i connected! Hopefully this helps someone else struggling.

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Can confirm. Having a $ in the password causes connectivity issues. I was having the same problem. I'm going to go back now and try this solution on the Screen Crab and see if it's suffering from the same problem. Thanks for the help @zenn1999.

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