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Ingredients of Pwn j00z?


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This is our Death Punch Recipe, however I think it would suffice for pwn j00ze, unless of course your underage:

2 handles cheep vodka. (if you have grain alcohol use that but tis illegal w.out permit here now (1 bottle only))

1 750ml raspberry vodka

1 bottle watermelon pucker(liqueur)

1 bottle of the blue pucker (funky flavor i don't remember what it is)

1 bottle 99 berries

6 - 10 packets of ectocooler koolaide

Fresh citrus fruit and kiwi's


2 or more bottles of fresca (has to be orange or grape fruit flavored soda)


64 redbulls or equivalent volume of NRG drink ( I prefer Full Throttle in this mix) and 1 bottle seltzer water (not club soda).


**This stuff gets on you like you wouldn't believe, consume at your own risk**

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You can get absinthe in Canada If you look hard enof they have the fake shit in the duty free shops,so watch out for that.- I can't believe I missed this thread stupid all forums looking read every time I come to the forums.

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