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VLC Streaming/Downoading ?


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It is very possible to have VLC download a stream while you're out. First you set up a batch file to start VLC and have it automatically open and start transcoding/streaming/dumping the stream you want to your hard drive. Next you set up an AT job to run the batch you just created file at the specified time. Finally you add a second AT job to kill the VLC process at a specified time.

batch file

start <path to vlc>vlc.exe -vvv <input stream> <transcoding options> <output file>

at command 1

at hh:mm /interactive [/next:?| /every:?] <path to batch file>batchfile.bat

at command 2

at hh:mm [/next:? | /every:?] taskkill /f /im vlc.exe

For more information about the AT command look here


For more information about the TASKKILL command look here


For more information on VLC's command line options for use in streaming/transcoding look here.


I've been doing this for a late night radio show for years because staying up from midnight to 4am five nights a week is neither healthy nor feasible. For radio streams I would say you can safely transcode to whatever format you want, because real time audio compression won't max out the average pc. For video streams, in the interest of having a watchable result, I would only recommend dumping the stream to a file without transcoding. Even still, in order for that to work you need to match the output container specified to VLC to be the same as the format the stream is in or you end up with a file that you can't get to play back.

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