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Windows 10 Lockpicker (P4wnP1) with BashB unny?


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Hi Guys and happy new year!

I just bought Bash Bunny. Firmware update was successful.
However, I did not find the one very important function in payloads. It is: an analog of Win10 Lockpicker from P4wnP1.
Did I miss something or is it really not possible to unlock a lockscreen protected Windows10 machine?
I have tried 2 payloads: Jackalope and SMBruteBunny. Both did not work. Metasploit is on Bash Bunny. 
The same machine was "opened" without problems with P4wnP1...?
Sorry my english!



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Hey there

Looks like you are new to the forum. One important rule is: Search before ask. The Forum has a search bar where you can search and I guarantee that you will find 90% of what you need.

It isn't good when the same questions are posted like 10 times. It just saves everyone's time.

You could easily find out that this topic was posted before. Have a look at that and look if you find similarities. 


And please note: These payloads are just Bruteforce attacks. If the user has a good password, you won't be able to crack it. If the password would be 1234 (and if the payload would work) it would be possible for sure to crack the password.

I don't know much about the P4wnP1, but the payloads for the BashBunny can be improved for sure. You could do that for example. Hak5 isn't responsible for the payloads. They are just responsible for the devices to work, but the payload is only community-based. They help where they can for sure, but they are not responsible when a payload doesn't work. To make it work, you could help find the "mistake" and improve the payload.

If you have any other questions just feel free to ask in the forum or PM me.


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