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Windows 10 Lockpicker (P4wnP1) with BushBunny?


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Hi Guys and happy new year!

I just bought BushBunny. Firmware update was successful.
However, I did not find the one very important function in payloads. It is: an analog of Win10 Lockpicker from P4wnP1.
Did I miss something or is it really not possible to unlock a lockscreen protected Windows10 machine?
I have tried 2 payloads: Jackalope and SMBruteBunny. Both did not work. Metasploit is on Bash Bunny. 
The same machine was "opened" without problems with P4wnP1.



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On 1/10/2020 at 1:48 PM, Takeshi12 said:

Oh. Sorry. How can I delete my question here?

At the top of your topic left to "start new topic" and "reply to this topic" is a button named "moderation actions"

From there you can go ahead and delete it

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