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bashbunny system files possibly broken


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so i was playing around with the impacket tools on the bashbunny and when i was ssh'd into he bashbunny, i typed "python setup.py build" into the impacket directory when impacket was already installed properly.......a load of text went down the terminal window like it was installing but after that, it seems to have messed up my bashbunny...mainly the responder tool, as i cant use quickcreds anymore which worked amazingly before i did this to impacket! i've tried the factory reset tons of times and responder still isnt working so i think i have messed up a system file or something to do with python maybe?is there anyone who could help me out please as this problem is persistant even after full factory reset!

cheers, shane

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Try deleting the reponder folder under "/tools/" on the root of the BB system drive and then try reinstalling the responder.deb tool again by copying to the tools folder on the BB arming mode partition, safely ejecting and reinserting the bunny.  File should vanish from the tools folder there an end up install in the tools folder on the BB system drive.  See if that works.

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