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PineAP SSID Pool corruption

MAC Jaeger

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I've noticed a few corrupt SSID names sneaking into my PineAP SSID Pool causing my SSID Pool to not load in the web GUI PineAP page, and in the Logs page the PineAP log is blank.  Once I remove the bad characters the SSID pool reloads.  Looks like it's finding a weirdly named SSID name and incorrectly displaying the ASCII symbols.  Actually it dumps a lot of ASCII characters in the name.  This causes the list to fail. 

Has anyone else run across this?  This happened in vs 5.x and 6.x of firmware.  Anyone have a validation script?

Forgot to mention, I have a Tetra running latest 6.x firmware running only PineAP.  No other modules installed.

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