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how to back up my (verizon) rzor v3c text messages to my com


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I need a program that will tack my text messages from my phone to my computer. I have a ton of them and don't feel like typeing them o sending them to my email.

Alo did you know with a usb data cable (which i have) you can connet to the inteernet through your cell phone. and is quicker than dial up it is about 216.2 kb/s its cool and easy travleing.

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id really like to answer your question, if you would answer some first, what cell phone do you have, and what os do you have.

oh wait my psychic abilities just told me you have some type of cdma and are running linux, in that case i reccomend bitpim, if else apparently my psychic abilities arent what they used to be

edit: wow sorry it was late last night and i didnt read the title, my apolagies

anyway what os, since its verizon, it is cdma, and i know bitpim will read the filesystem, but that is about the extent last time i checked, there are a variety of windows tools as well, cant remember any off the top a my head, but google should help.

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lol i wanna try that but my photocopyer broke, and my 3rd world man doesnt work mondays (should i push him harder or just hire a new one?)

ok enough of being racist... :S most phones if i buy the data link cable will come with software and drivers for the cable, with all the phones ive had, there have the function of backing up, or even sending txt msgs via data link, both these methods will send ur msgs to ur PC.

or start trolling the internets for a asian bride with computer skills :S

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I actually had to do this yesterday for my sister, google will turn up a bunch a good sites, the tools i used

the motorla drivers.




bitpim,(you may only need this and the drivers if you just want to pull your messages)

google should find all these fore you

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