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Micro SD card version of the USB rubber ducky

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I would like to know if it is possible to set up a micro SD card so that I can download programs onto the sd card & have them run automatically when I plug it into any of my devices that are compatible with the programs on the card, without any further input from me, similarly to the USB rubber ducky. 

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Just so you know, I'm totally spit-balling here, but you might be able to rig something like this up:


it's a card reader that has a short usb cable, you would need to open the case on this device and cut out most of the insides of the card reader, while leaving the port on the front of the reader intact so you can still place the sd card into it (but it won't be functional at all). Then solder the 4 USB wires from inside the reader to the leads on the USB Rubber Ducky (tm). So when the unsuspecting victim tries to use the reader, which he thinks has not been tampered, it will just connect up the rubber ducky instead.

From the amazon photo it looks big enough to contain the USB Rubber Ducky but you should look closer at the dimensions and measure well before you start buying things. 

It would be a great if they sold other containers for the ducky that yo could just plug the ducky into to make it look like something else, just like different plastic housings and such. It would save a lot of time for people on the job I think.

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On 1/1/2020 at 1:49 AM, cramsey1994 said:

I don't want the micro SD card to be USB compatible, I just want to be able to plug it into any of my devices' sd slot & have it run whatever is on it.

This is not really practical. It would have to be something like the old USB Switchblade that took advantage of U3 to autorun files.  You need something like the rubber ducky, bash bunny, or evil USB to achieve this.  Most modern OS and AV will detect auto run files and prevent them.

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