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Bug Prevents Some U3 Apps From Running on Vista


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Attention all U3 people i have received an email from the U3 people that the drive wont load on Vista but they are in progress of fixing it. It also when complete will be posted on the U3 software central

heres the email they sent me:

We have recently uncovered a bug that prevents applications using the U3 DAPI version 1.0.3 from running under Microsoft Vista. This problem occurs on host machines with one or more non-U3 USB mass storage devices attached (e.g. memory card reader-writers, etc.), which do not have their media inserted, but have drive letters assigned to the media bays at system startup.

On these systems, the dapiQueryDomainInformation API now either hangs or returns error #0x80040210 (DAPI_E_COMM_FAIL) whenever it encounters one of these non-U3 mass storage devices.

Our Engineering team is actively working to resolve the problem. We currently do not have a schedule for when we will release an update. We will advise you as soon we release a new version of the DAPI.

To help end users avoid negative experiences, we will post notices on U3 Software Central this week, on the product detail pages for applications that use DAPI, stating: “Due to a recently discovered incompatibility between the U3 platform and Vista, this application will not run under Vista. U3 is working to resolve this issue and will work with the author of this program to implement an update that will resolve the issue. We regret the inconvenience caused to our user and developer community.â€

If you have any questions, please email us at developerfeedback@u3.com

Kind Regards,

U3 Platform Services Team

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