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Does the Pineapple shorten phone battery life?

MAC Jaeger

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Does the Pineapple heavily tax a phone's WiFi beyond normal activity thereby shortening battery life or performing something like a DoS for that device by having it associate with a lot of dead end access points? In other words, do temporary associations with fake SSIDs cause the WiFi to look harder for known networks than it normally would?  Would it be excessive enough to noticeably deplete the battery of the associating device faster?  Would it make the phone give up and not associate with a SSID normally in range that it would have associated with had the Pineapple not been there, creating some sort of "soft" DoS? 

I'm wanting to place the pineapple in an insulated box outside and let it run continuously.  Just PineAP, no other modules.  Just trying to get MAC addresses from devices associating with the Pineapple.  I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to drain batteries or block WiFi service unintentionally.  Since this will be the first time its outdoors, the range will be much greater than in my test lab since it isn't transmitting through walls.  Just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to unleash Hades in the HOA and sacrifice innocent devices in the name of science. 

Also, does anyone know how it sorts the known network list choosing which SSIDs get requested first or is there even any logic to the search? 


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