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song duplication


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This forum has been very helpful in remedying the various problems with Pandora's Jar. I have recently come across another problem that has not yet been addressed, and I was hoping you could help.

Every so often, PJ gets stuck on a particular track, so that when I duplicate one track, it simply replicates an mp3 already downloaded. The name of the newly downloaded mp3 will be correct, but the actual song is wrong. It gets stuck like this regularly. It'll unstick itself once in a while, though the reason seems arbitrary. I've tried switching stations, turning PJ on and off, and other basic solutions with no effect.

I am of course using the newest edition of PJ and am using Flash 8. I experience no other problems other than this. I don't know Java or html so please respond in layman's terms if possible.

Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work.

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