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Microsoft UAA HD Audio Driver?


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Anybody had any trouble installing this in XP? Vista seems to find it no problem, but in XP it's like I can't find a suitable driver for it, really frustrating.

I have a:

HP dv6227

1 gig ram

120 gig drive

AMD Turion 64 x2 TL-50

As far as Vista device manager just recognizes it as "HD High Definition Audio Device".

I found quite a bit of info on microsofts website it appears like I need to install some type of plugin (UAA)? It's like I can't find the download for the plug-in though :?

Just wondering if anyone else has had trouble with this or experienced this.

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Nobody has had any experience with this?

I have to say this has been the most frustrating driver issue i've encountered. From microsoft to hp and a couple other vendor sites nothing has worked for me. It seems to be a finger pointing game.

Another thing i just tried is my model is hp dv6227cl and as far as HP's site they don't really have any drivers for XP besides quick launch buttons, so I searched for a few other models and assume my audio is the Conexant HD Audio because model dv6226 is what had that driver available for download only under Vista.

I did install the microsoft UAA driver somehow it is listed in my add/remove progs, but for some reason the HD driver pacakages I've attemtped to install it always asks for hdaudbus.sys and to insert disk1. The driver packages come with a disk1 folder once extracted, but that file is not there. However I do have the file, but I believe it's for vista. After tryin to install it gives me a code 39 error and cannot install hardware. Also XP doesn't recognize the internal modem, but im mainly concerned about audio and im sure once audio is installed it will see the modem.

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