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No logged probes


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Hi All, Seems this Nano section is a little on the Ghost town side, but hoping anyway someone can shed some light on why i am unable to have any logged probes show, apart from occasionally the AP its currently connected to.

I have set up it successfully on both my windows machine, and my Kali persistence(which was a little long winded as you have to disable the new Ethernet kali detects) - and recon returns the Macs of both clients and AP's in the area, but every time i click on a Load Probes, it tells me there are none. I have 6 test phones at home and i can see they have an array of free Wifi networks in their memory - and currently sat in a hotel with several hundred =- yet i can only see 3 probes, all of which are the network they are connected to (even though they are also showing under non connected  clients).

Have gone through the forum for the last few days, youtube videos, tried various options and set ups proposed by members but nothing is working.

does this feature no longer work? my home phones are android (various ages and firmware versions) and an iphone.

I am using the current firmware. 

Thanks in advance.

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