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I am just starting out with Hak5 and their devices. I have C2 loaded locally on a Windows 10 device. I have used WinSCP to copy the device config to the etc/ folder after adding the device into the C2. However I cannot get my LanTurtle to connect to the C2. 

- Lan Turtle is up to date

- C2 is on current version

- Device.config file is in the /etc folder 

- LanTurtle is connected locally to my Windows 10 device and I can SSH into it. I have an ethernet cable connect to the LanTurtle and I have my Wifi enabled..


What am I missing...remember I am %100 new to this site and the tools. 

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I am not sure where the Ethernet cable goes? That being said when you ssh into your lanturtle can you ping your c2 server? 

ping -c4 or whatever IP you are using to connect to your c2 web page. That would tell you that your turtle is connected to your local network and has access to your c2 server. 

Hope that helps. 

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