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Basic Storage Questions


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Hey everyone!

I'm expecting delivery of a Screen Crab later this afternoon (very excited). I was just curious as to what microSD cards you are all running. My card of choice has been a Samsung Endurance 128GB. I realize that the length of time you can go before filling up the card will vary based on your capture interval. What are you guys finding to be the "golden number" for capture interval? 

I'm hoping not to clear the card super frequently (will not be using C2). 


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2 TB - which AFAIK at time of writing are not commercially available yet.

The Screen Crab features an SDXC card reader, which supports cards up to 2 TiB. I have had great experience with a Samsung Evo 512 GB card. That said, I cannot list every possible cards compatibility as I do not have access to them all for testing.

In theory as long as they're all adhering to the spec, any SDXC card should work - but YMMV.

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