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Was given a WiFi Pineapple mark v, can it be used?


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Was given a WiFi Pineapple mark v, can it be used?


Sorry noob question, like the title says my friend game me a wifi pineapple mark v. I've been able to set it up, at format the sd card but I can't get it to connect to the internet or scp a new bin file to the tmp.


i try scp /home/user/downlaods/file.bin root@ and it says the directory or file doesn't exist. I've tried with an Ubuntu machine and Debian.

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First, can you provide some background on how the pineapple is connected to the PC? 

You may not be able to SCP because the connection is not set up correctly. 

Do some searching across this forum and you will find a number of resources for how to set up the network connection correctly. 

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