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second wii modchip , no wires , supports homebrew baby :P


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First Ever REAL Wii Modchip Arrives - CycloWiz!

It seems that Wiinja is already outdated even before its release. Fedex dropped a nice little gift for us today to review. Say hello to CycloWiz!


Here is what we know so far about this chip:

- Quicksolder (no wires required)

- Plays Wii Backups

- Plays GC Backups

- Play GC Homebrew

- Play GC Imports (swap needed)

- Built-in Audiofix (GC games using streaming are working flawlessly, no patch needed)

- DVD-R / DVD+R support

- Optional chip disable wire

- Stealth even when chip is enabled

- Multi-purpose LED

The chip is supposed to be shipped by the end of the week, so in fact this may be the first "real" Modchip to reach the market!

It looks like a very pro and easy to install solution! We're not sure Wiinja has built-in audiofix, but this is definitely a must-have feature. Expect a review soon, including a video of the installation process!

The teams' website is launching soon at Teamcyclops.com

meh could wess do a segment on this or would it b illegal over there?

i remember back in the day the broken did the install of chips on xbox & ps2 so i doubt this'll give any problems...

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