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Shark Jack not detected please help!


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 Hi everyone, I followed the step by step video from Darren and everything went fine until I got to the point of running sharkjack.sh . When I hit  C to connect to the Shark jack it does not detect it. I got 2 and both do the same. I did put them in the arming mode (middle). As you can tell i am a real noobie. What i know about Linux I learned from watching the setup videos if that tells you anything.

Anyway I hope someone can help me through this issue i would sure appreciate it.  I love this stuff and will be using all my spare time attempting to learn the Linux way! I use to be an old school hacker back in the day of Blacklist if anyone can remember that. Mainly phone phreaking.... Red Box.. Blue Box.. Black Box.. You get the idea. A little cellular cloning again back in the analog days even had a store front cloning phones before they got the law changed and it was illegal.

They really hated me!

Happy Holidays!


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    Thank you for the response.Yes fully charged. I followed the setup video step by step like 4 times looking for something i may have missed. I don,t have the Nija hacker knowledge at all but hey you have to start somewhere. I have an older Windows HP Pavilion dv6 laptop, AMD 64  running Kali from USB drive. It has a built in RJ45  jack so i don't have to use an adapter. I downloaded the Linux sharkjack.sh file twice just to make sure it was correct. You know what they say about teaching an old dog new tricks.

   Again i appreciate all the help.

Have a great day!




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Demon - 

Hello to a fellow former phone phreak. I'm of the red box generation as the last analog trunks were being replaced during my experience, so 2600 Hz tones were far less useful. 🙂

Anyway, your Shark Jack will work on just about any modern OS - not just Linux. We provide the sharkjack.sh as a convenience to our *nix fans, but you could do very similar these days on Windows as SSH and SCP are built into powershell. 

If you charge the Shark Jack, then flip the switch into arming mode (middle position) it'll boot up in a way that makes it start a DHCP server, offering the connected computer an address in the 172.16.24.x range. By default most computers will attempt obtain an address from the network (a network of two, your computer and your Shark Jack). Give this a try and see if you can then ping the Shark Jack at

If you get replies from the following command, you should be good to go by manually moving files via SCP.


Here are a few articles that should help you in your journey: 


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