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iPhone- Trust Asset Version 7


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Recently noticed this asset version under certificates.  Hard to find any information on this certificate.  I’ve had my iPhone 7 over two years and this just appeared. 

Anyone have any answers?   Apple does not...

Thank you for your time. 


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Biob has zero clue what he talking bout. I have same problem and it is something that has masked itself to slip through all kinds of anti- virus software etc. dare i say potentially government watchlist? (Its harder to stay off the list than to be on it btw. Do research before u laugh and assume dumb shit.) i was one of those guys too until i traced all my analytics info for two years and took notes of every bt device fallowing me looked them up even shutting off all internet connections and still they attach to my devices and intercept my in/ outgoing info/ calls etc.  the nsa own website has a 56 page disclosed document explaining the extensive insane things they do from intercept home depot fridge delivery and bug it before delivery all way to infrared or radio/ many other non internet connecting ways. I wish u the best . TONS of ppl i found out have this problem and some know more than i do which is minimal but i do know enough to point finger. Dont listen to ignorant gawkers who have no clue and only assume based on only what they may “know” but have not seen outside  that box they’ve been made to think doesn't exist.

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