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Ideas- add a keylogger, HW accessories


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Just fired this up for the first time at the office, but was stymied on the first few attempts at using. Why? The first PC I wanted to tap had Display Port cabling between PC and monitor. Second one had DVI...doh! Finally I set up a laptop with HDMI optional video just to test the Crab. It works very well, and that is nice to see. And- I ordered some adapters on Amazon to get me going on the non-HDMI video connections that seem to be very common across computers in the workplace. So first idea: maybe a kit version of Screen Crab that has SD card, USB C cable for power, and at least a couple common display port-to-HDMI adaptations for better "out of the box ready to go" experience. Second idea- as I was clicking around different systems and accounts to give the Crab something to capture I was struck by the notion of "Man- if this could also log keystrokes too, it would be freakin deadly"... think about not just getting an image of a login page, but also the credentials...seems like if you could use the victim PC's USB port to power the crab, that may be a vector to log keystrokes(?) 

Easy for me to ask for, harder to do- I fully realize. But wouldn't that be sweet?

-Lee B

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