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A quick question regaurding Nero 7


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I am currently trying to transcode some Divx files to DVD format. The files are anime fansubs, meaning that it has subtitles. Thats where the problem comes in. After everything converts and burns the subtitles get cut off as if the border of the video has been cropped off. Is there any way that I can fix this?

Thanks in advance

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mmm I've seen some free programs around that talk about doing this automatically, rather than using nero.. google

As far as this suggestion, I have tried a number of free programs before going the Nero route and they all have the same results. Its as if the image is too big for the screen so everything runs off the edges meaninng that you can barely read the subtitles. From my experience so far it seems as if this is a common problem with all Divx to DVD conversion software.

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