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iPad Pro USB-C connection to pineapple


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have someone connected the pineapple nano to iPad pro USB-C to get communication? It is possible to use Raspberry Pi connected via micro USB and get SSH/vnc.

This would be nice option. More portable than a laptop and more undercover sitting in a Starbucks 😉

Thanks in advance for answers.


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I will answer because someone else can have this question.

Pineapple NANO will work with an iPad PRO USB-C port. It will be powered and communicate trough this port. iPad is seeing it as a Ethernet connection and you can use web GUI to Pineapple. SSH will also work in standard way. There is only problem with internet access. I was not able to share internet from iPad to Pineapple. There is always option to connect via WiFi with wlan2 if needed.




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Came here just to find this out. Really interesting for me to be able to have my iPad for use with the pineapple - I’ll be using a Tetra, so hopefully this is also OK, overlooking the power supply - which I have covered.

Did you make any progress with sharing the internet connection? Otherwise if you have the cellular iPad perhaps putting up a hotspot will work?

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