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IRC Down


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  • 2 weeks later...

IRC Has been moved to freenode.

A lot of us dont like this move and have a petition:


(just ignore the donation thing, your signature gets added anyway)

You can still get on brainkill's server, a bunch of us still there, connect to


Topic» (In an effort to cut hosting costs and provide a more reliable chat experience the irc.hak5.org DNS entry will forward to Freenode tomorrow. Funds to be reallocated to a dedicated shout/icecast GigE server. Thank you for your patience and continued trust in technolust. Questions? Contact Wess or Darren.)

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Stability wasn't the main issue for me. Running the IRC on a server with some extremely dubious/criminal activity's linked to it was though. However, I've not had time for IRC for some time & know nothing of freenode so I really know whats going on.

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BK's so called "activities" were no preformed on the hak5 server. Freenode is a POS... #hak5 may as well go back to where it started #hak5 on efnet rather than wasting time on freenode if people are stupid enough to think that the change is really gonna benefit

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