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Guidance - Run/Install agent on linux


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Just wondering if anyone could give me some guidance

I work in the security team at a company, I want to roll out a siem agent to developers laptops.

I need to install this agent as quickly as possible to linux/mac boxes whilst they are locked or unlocked.(devs dont want to do it themselves are pretty reluctant on handing over their laptops)

the agent is basically a bash script install... chmod +x & ./<filename>

I think I could use my bashbunny to quickly walk over to the devs laptops, put the usb in... and job done....


So my question is if I run the install via a payload. will it install on the bashbunny OS or the laptop ive plugged it into? or will I have to copy it to the remote OS and use a series of key presses to run it.


Any advice would be great.




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