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Need help with external antenna mod


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Yeah, the s79 is what I was reffering to. Thats an easy one....s79 is an antenna switch made by Skyworks Solutions.

What it does is locks out the receive on the card while you are transmitting so it doesn't backfeed and overload the receiver with full power on transimit.

Here is the data sheet FWIW....


This confirms that those blobs of solder are definitely your antenna....

Trace the middle pin facing the edge of the board and thats where you are going to want to clean your solder off and solder your connector in....if you still want to that is. If for some reason, it doesnt work out as expected, just resolder the blobs like they were before and you should be ok.

A further look at the specs on the chipset reveals that the amplifier is internal....so while it was my mistake that the IC was an amplifier, it is, in fact connected to the antenna.

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