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unable to connect after installing dependencies


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I have used the search function and combed through multiple pages, also on google. I haven't been able to find anything concerning this other than to "wipe out and reset" the pineapple. After installing one of the dependencies for one of the modules(I installed all of the ones I considered problematic, except sslsplit, ha...ha...) anyways, rebooted the device, then scp'd device.config. all was well. Still no connection to c2, but that's another matter. I can easily ssh into the device, but can no longer access it via the regular ui browser interface. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Now I'm having the same issue...I wasn't running any services/modules on the pineapple, only pineAP. It stopped allowing connections after a reboot. I'd let it run a few hours...for some "burn in" time, to make sure it was alright, with the intent to image it. now it's not blinking blue and I'm continuing to get "connection refused" while I can still SSH into it...what is this thing's deal? 

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