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Live Scan not working...?


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Hey guys,

Not sure if this is a bug or if I'm just understanding the "Live" function wrong. On the recon tab, it seems like the Live checkbox does nothing. Even if I have it checked and run a 2 minute scan, results aren't displayed until the end, which is the same result as if I didn't have the "Live" checkbox checked. The only time Live seems to actually displayed results real-time is when Continuous mode is used.

Not sure if I'm just understanding the Live function wrong, but I assumed that is would display results real-time, regardless the length of the scan I choose. 




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The live option is one of those issues created by bloated firmware 'fixes' that fixes stuff and ruins stuff due to the apparent absence of regression testing of modules. This makes the pineapple unusable in real world deployment as opposed to tinkering with an expensive technical curiosity. Pity

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