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Which is gonna be the next datacenter to get raided?


Which is gonna be the next datacenter to get raided?  

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    • LayeredTech
    • SoftLayer
    • A LeaseWeb DC(somewhere)

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Well... looking back most of your posts/threads are spam anyways...

Naw, man. Deags is one of the old regulars.

A little link to some news posting of a datacenter getting raided for whatever reason would've helped though. Right now the poll is rather pointless.

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Every now and then data centers get raided by the FBI(or equivalent) for having customers hosting warez. LT has been raided a few times now. I was just wondering what DC's you guys thought would get raided next, after all you guys are meant to know a fair bit about everything... because it is getting around that time of the year(june is about when the raids normally happen). I'd like to thing my posts aren't to spam like.

I am much more active on irc than the forums... I used to be active on the old forums but then they got wiped ;).

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