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Please help with Rubber Ducky payload script


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Good day everyone,

Could somebody please help me with rubber ducky payload script, I have tried everything, but with no luck.

I am trying to retrieve files from "victims" PC by transferring/copying them to my Rubber Duckies internal storage. Files I'm interested in are located:

This PC -----> G:\Shared drives\Client files\CLIENTS

Could anyone please help me with the script by posting it here on forum, or PM me in private. Any help would be much appreciated.


Does rubber ducky and its executable script leave any traces ? - can it be easily traced by IT or cyber security team ?


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@Ytyle6 I work as anti money laundering officer at payment processing centre, I told my security officer that I have purchased Hak5 kit lan turtle, wifi pineapple and rubber ducky - they said that I wont be able to use neither - lan turtle or wifi pineapple, but rubber ducky seemed interesting for them - they were sceptical of that I can retrieve data from my computer since file locations are on cloud an all PC's have locked USB access- we have written several scripts that did not work, and that made me also think does this stuff really work...the scripts we wrote totally failed - ducky was performing random key strokes an presses, but never was actually able to get to the folder - to be honest only script that worked was "hello world one" - sorry for my poor English, it's not my native spoken, but I would appreciate your help, or put me in the right direction -  if I can get this working, maybe I can get my new year's bonus

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