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broken black android screen. how to recover.


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i have a broken android screen. the screen works when i click it, i can hear sound effects and from memory i can manage to click 'enable usb file sharing'

so. i have the pictures backed up. But i need EVERYTHING... There is hope...


So, at this point i have a usb attached and can navigate through the files on my pc. then i can press the android home+power button to take a screen shot. from my pc i can see those screen shots and almost navigate through the phone. (very difficult but doable)


usb debugging is enabled, But to extract the information in recovery mode i would have to navigate the bootloader from a black screen and this would be a potential risk of whipping all data.

I can turn the device on and it will connect to my accesspoint.

i might have a reverse meterpreter already installed. (cant remember if its there or its configuration)

jruby might also be installed, this could allow me to automate the screen shot process for a hacky remote like access of the screen.


so at this point, im looking for ideas on screen sharing. if i can navigate the screen remotely. this will be a step in the right direction. 

maybe i can install and run meterpreter.apk or other remote control software via adb shell. maybe there is screen sharing options already installed by default.


tips, advice, ideas, experience... (navigating a black screen is Fucking hard) 

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Git clone phonesploit. Seems like everything i need.




I now think its a bad idea to roll around with debugging enabled on your android...


But im a Rebel, I'm so happy my old broken phone had USB debugging enabled. I will always have this enabled on future phones. Phone sploit has a feature for screen sharing and plenty of other useful autimation to speed up the recovery process.


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So. I made some progress this morning. The first challenge was to ADB authorization to access the phone. This was done by taking screenshots and navigating through the phone. One screenshot at a time, I could click my way through system settings and authorize my PC.


I am now mirroring the Android screen on my Linux laptop through USB. With adb screen record i can pipe the live video stream to vlc, ffplay or mplayer. This works over usb and tcp. 


The first thing i enabled in developer options was 'show screen touches' 

This now makes things a little easyer when click on the black screen i could see each touch from vlc in real time.


I just now need to install a app for backing up my data.


I'll try to post a full write-up with example commands video and screenshots.


I will also provide a Android system configuration that will allow this type of recovery to be possible for future broken screens.


adb shell screenrecord --output-
format=h264 - | ffplay -
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Data recovery.


Maybe somebody can share opinion and experience on recovering deleted data.


I hope to successfully clone the cell phone and open it on virtualbox or another emulator.


My understanding in data recovery with layman terms. The file is deleted but in the background it's simply a piece of free space now ready to be Rewritten or overwritten. When trying to recover data it's best to shut the machine down when the removal or deletion was done, as soon as possible if the machine is powered off it will prevent overwritten of this data space stored on the hard drive.


If I DD clone the HD, I assume I can recover any data left untouched with an emulator and an exact cloan of the cell phone HD partition... i should also be able to boot up this clone....


Any advice? Am i wrong? I don't want to mislead future visitors of this thread.

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22 hours ago, kdodge said:

You might try QEMU, they have the ability to emulate arm and you can assign a file as the devices HD, theres lots of options so you will need to look up a tutorial how to get it working for you. QEMU is in the linux repos

I have used qemu and virtualbox. But i never tried to clone a phone and test drive it on a emulator. Ill have to spend the hours testing to answer my questions. Im 50% sure i could clone this hd then use file recovery software from a emulator.


This has been a lot of fun honestly

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On 11/26/2019 at 8:43 PM, i8igmac said:

That is my last option. The device is not worth fixing.

20-45 minutes tops. Usually easy. 

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