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Issue with SSH Terminal to Packet Squirrel


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Hi all,

first of great work !

I installed Hak5 Cloud C2 2.1.0 - Community Edition on a Ubuntu 18.04 running on MS Azure following this guide below.  

So far so good everything worked fine. 🙂

I connected right away my Packet Squirrel (Version 3.2) successfully. The device is shown as online.


When I click on "Terminal" followed by a click in "Start SSH Connection" this happens and I cant get it work!

Does anyone of you has an idea ?!? I am lost ...



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2 hours ago, TheSentinel said:

Hi port 8022 TCP is open inbound to the ubuntu system running C2.That cant the the issue ... 


Hi @TheSentinel you stated that port 8022 was open. Did you perhaps mean 2022? The following ports are required for C2 Cloud (unless you changed).

Ports: 80,22,443,2022 (when utilizing https).


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Having the same problem.

On my Cloud C2 server I can see the reverse SSH session arriving and in TCP ESTABLISHED state.

When I connect to the websocket via CLI, I get an error "device not connected" from the WebSocket, which the UI does not seem to handle gracefully (the API however DOES return the device is indeed connected in the API the browser calls before doing the WebSocket).

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I'm still having an issue using the C2 Terminal to connect to my SharkJack, even after the C2 upgrade. The Shark shows up as online in C2, it uploads Loot, but the terminal connection never connects. I can SSH into the Shark from a local computer, so I know that the SSHD is running. I have tested with several Signal Owls and I am able to connect to them from C2 using Terminal, so I don't think the problem is on the C2 end. All devices are running latest available firmware, and C2 is version 2.1.2.

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