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Openvpn with BB


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Hi everyone, this is my first hak5 product and my first time using the forums. I had a quick idea for a payload, but had a quick question.


So, I was watching some hak5 videos, and watched “Access Internal Networks with Reverse VPN connections.” In the video, Darren was using a LAN Turtle to have the connection, but, I was wondering if this was possible to do with the Bash Bunny. I’m not too familiar with the product, so this might not be possible, but I just was wondering. 

Thanks everyone.

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The Lan Turtle has an ethernet connection on it so if plugged in to a network it has network by default so initiating a VPN from it is trivial unless router is blocking it.  The BashBunny does not have a network connection unless the host it is connected to it is sharing its network with it which is done manually and usually not straight forward on all OSes...like MacOS.  You will need to initiate sharing and then have an openvpn client on the BB with the vpn profile.

So, if you get network sharing going on the host...

Get openvpn client installed on Bunny....

Then I see possibility.


Only other way is to install a vpn client on the host and initiate connection from it and use host as vpn client.  Of course you need admin rights and you will be installing software on the victim this way.

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