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Trouble connecting to Shark Jack


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Port 22 is open only in ARMING Mode, not ATTACK Mode by default. You can actually enable it in ATTACK Mode if you change the default config file.

I did a write-up on that here: 


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Share more details on the steps taken to try to connect to the Shark. There should be no problem to access it using ssh. I've done it before several times and I'm doing it now as I'm writing this. Nothing unexpected, it works as it should accessing the Shark using ssh. So, as said, more details are needed to be able to help troubleshooting it.

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Same question as above. Details needed about how you are doing the ssh attempts. What mode/switch are you in (arming mode or attack mode)? Have you done anything with the Shark this far or is it the first time starting it up? What client/software are you using to ssh into the Shark? In what way is the Shark connected? To a network or directly to a computer? etc etc etc

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Best way to SSH into your SJ is to use either a USB-to-Ethernet Adapter or connect straight to your PC/Laptop's Ethernet Port directly WHILE in ARMING MODE. 

Port 22 - SSH is open by default. Credentials should be - root:hak5shark 

Only way it should be different from what mentioned above is if you logged in prior and used the "passwd" command to change your default password.

Hope this clarifies alot of confusion in this thread.

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