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Thank you Hak5 / Darren and all!

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I just got Wifi Pineapple Nano, and last week I received the Tetra Tactical. It is such great tool, I really appreciate the support Hak5 provides, and some of the others that help out in the forums. One of the biggest things I really like is the true open-source involved with products. It is easy to run a script, but when having to learn the ins and outs of basics (been watching lot of videos) and nice to be a small part of the community. Amazingly, I work full time in IT (over 20 years), now additionally tutor at local college (IT Certifications) and I have 6, working on my 7th cert, Hak5 products are really making me learn more about pen testing.I run into many people that do not take time to learn things, expect others to do research for them (I have done that few times), but it is awesome to come home after day at work and get into my "pentesting" world. Cool Stuff.

That is all I wanted to say. Thanks everyone

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