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Simple UseCase (and more broadly where can I find step by step documentation)


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I am an IS auditor and I need to perform an IT audit of a network in a large complex far outside a metropolitan aera . One key point of the audit is to be able to identify all Wifi Access Points in te complex. My customer wants to be sure that only the one that he has autorized are installed. So I will be during 3 days at various intervals walking through the facility to cover the all perimeter.

I have just order a wifi pineapple nano and I would like to use it to have the following information (that will allow me to identify rogue AP)

  • SSID
  • Security (WPA/WEP/WPA2)
  • Manufacture/Model * (This one is important so I can filter out all AP that are Cellphone from the employees)


Thanks a lot for the support


In addition, is there a documentation an tutorial of all I can do with my new toy/tool

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Just out of curiosity, what wireless hardware does your customer have installed? Depending on the hardware, you may already have the solution available to you. I know that both Unifi and Meraki Access Points can give you this information in their web interfaces. In Unifi, you go to Neighboring Access Points, and in Meraki - Air Marshal. Meraki even has a way of "jamming" rogue AP's.

Additionally, this information can be obtained from common Wireless scanning tools for both Windows, Linux and smartphones. One example is Unifi's own smartphone app, WiFiman (you do not have to have Unifi hardware to use it), or InSSIDer for Windows. Other alternatives exist, such as Analiti for Android, WiFi Analyser for WIndows 10, airsnort-ng for Linux, and others. Since all AP broadcast this info, any Wireless scanning or analysis tool will give you this info. You could get all this on your smartphone with free apps in a few minutes.

Hope that helps.

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