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ImgBurn, how to make from USB Recovery Station an bootable EFI ISO image?


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BIOS is predecessor of UEFI, yet to create an bootable ISO image file for USB or optical media from USB recovery station content for an EFI system, I guess another boot image file will be needed.

The situation here: I created an recovery medium on USB for Windows 10. At that moment I didn't realise the recovery station is from a EFI system. And the disc I created the recovery station on was way too big, so I could have cloned it to other media, but I choose to create a digital ISO image file of it. To make the ISO file on USB media bootable for a EFI system, the ISO image file should contain a boot image file. The only location I could find such file is on the root of the USB recovery station at ./EFI/boot/boot64.efi.

Is that the boot image file I'll need to make the ISO image on USB media bootable for an UEFI system?

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