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(as superuser) issue


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On parrot when I open programs normally (not running as sudo) it shows (as superuser) in the top. Firefox shows this and works fine. Tor browser has this too and just shows a black screen when I open it. Does anyone know what is going on here?

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On 11/8/2019 at 7:00 PM, kdodge said:

Is your normal username 'root'?

root is a superuser account, so if that is the case than everything you run will be run as superuser

My account's username is not 'root' or anything like that. Anyways the problem seems to have gone away for now.

However the issue with the tor browser is still there. Anonsurf seems to work just fine and when I go to check.torproject.org while on anonsurf it says I have a tor ip. When I open up tor browser it goes to 'connect to tor' but it completely black. I have tried reinstalling tor browser and it still does the same thing. I was was having an issue on windows with tor browser for a while too (I dont really use tor on windows often). idk what is happening w/ tor browser for me on parrot.

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