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Shark Jack C2 Connection


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Hi Guys,

First post & First Hak5 tool purchased, yay! :)

I just got the Shark Jack and have been trying to get it set up with the C2 instance I've created on a private server. I have upgraded the firmware to 1.0.1 and copying the device.config to /etc, I understand you need to edit the payload.sh to communicate with C2. Can anyone give me any insight on where I can find this info or send me the default payload with the C2 code built in for me to take a look?


And shout out to ScriptMonkey_ with the unofficial recovery guide, my initial firmware update was not so successful hah!

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17 hours ago, PaPPy said:

can you share details, in case others run into issues?

I added the following to my payload.sh to send loot to my C2;

C2EXFIL STRING /root/loot/nmap/*.txt

That was enough to get it to my C2. You do need to update the firmware & add the device.config to get to this point.

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For me that gets me:

NETMODE: command not found
C2CONNECT: command not found
C2DISCONNECT: command not found

Is there anything you changed before to have these commands apart from upgrading to the newest firmware (what I also did)?

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22 hours ago, theguy said:

OK, nevermind!

It seems like the firmware upgrade does not work with the sharkjack.sh tool. I did it manually now as described by ScriptMonkey_ here.

Now it works like a charm!


Thanks anyway 🙂



Yes I believe they added the C2 commands on the latest firmware.

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