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Newbie to this - questions

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Hello, so after finally getting it up and going just got Tetra - few questions:

1. Does anyone use USB memory stick on back of Tetra? If so, how big should I get, and format it for Linux, plug and play?

2. Do people generally leave the units plugged in even if not home for long time (8 hours?) - I just did not want to power off and on unnecessarily if possible? Also only way of powering it off seems to unplug power? 

3. How many modules do people generally download and use? I read somewhere in forums to not use internal memory to much on Tetra? I assume that is where the memory sticks come in?

4. Any suggestions aside from YouTube videos and forums on how I can learn more hands on with WiFi pineapple? I see there are books to buy which is cool, just wanted feedback from more senior members.

5. For home use - any suggestions on placement of WiFi Pineapple? For best reception, I live small studio apartment, alone, but thinking closer to window better? Or will it make much difference if I place it down by floor?

6. The USB cord - I have long one I have - anyone suggest using that and the power supply came with Tetra? I also have Cisco switch with my Pineapple plugged directly into it for hardwired connection? Any thoughts on that?


Thanks in advance - lots of questions, been in IT a long time doing variety of roles, so this is perfect for pen-testing just trying to figure out best way to get started. THanks

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  1. This would only be needed if you plan to do some large amounts of data.  Standard module/capture use you should have plenty of internal memory.  More info on using flash drives can be found in the docs.
  2. If you are not actively using the device for long periods of time I would recommend powering it off.  If will not hurt it running for long periods but no need to just leave it on 24/7 when unused.
  3. This really just depends on the user.  It is a debated topic as to rather or not use internal memory.  Do what you feel comfortable with.
  4. Youtube/forums/docs are great sources.  Next would be home lab testing to learn how it all functions.
  5. Just depends on your intentions.  If testing in home lab, probably anywhere will work to have access to wifi connections within you apartment.
  6. The included power supply the best way for powering the device at home.  There are power banks that work but you have to be careful which ones you buy due to watt requirements.  wired lan connection is the best for a solid LAN/WAN connection.

Hope all this info helps.  Feel free to post any questions you have!

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