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Solid Hacking Laptop ?


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This is a pretty broad question.  There are several things to determine a good option.

  1. What OS do you plan to run? Kali? Dual Boot?
  2. Internal WiFi card that supports what OS? or do you plan to just use external like an Alfa adapter?
  3. What will be the majority of tasks done?  Wireless, passwords, databases, etc? 
  4. What is actual numbers for "mid budge" ?

These are just some of the questions that could be asked.  The answer could be several things.  I would recommend looking for a system that has an SSD for speed and reliability in mobile systems.  Also one that favors CPU over a graphics card as it is not as important since your not gaming, streaming, etc.  The more RAM the better as depending on what programs you plan to run it could be RAM hungry.

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I'd also ask what is "mid budget"?

Being a full time tester who uses my machine every day, my budget is probably a lot more than that of someone just starting out or still in university.

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Any computer will do good for cyber security, it is all about software. A good rule of thumb is:


Graphics:Pretty much anything (it doesn't have to be able to run crisis 3)

Cpu: 2-4 cores (2-3 GHz)

Hard-drive:Pretty much any SSD will do

If you want a desktop you can just order an old desktop and upgrade the ram if needed. If you want a laptop you should watch this video 

Edit:Dont forget stickers

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