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All Payloads Not Working


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I've just received my Bash Bunny. 

First thing I've did is download and run bunnyupdater.exe

I'm currently at version 1.6_305 with the \payloads\library full of payloads.

When connecting the BB to a windows 10 machine, I can see things moving (like powershell window opening and "start > run" text)

I can also see that the Payloads are creating the needed loot folders.

But eventually these folders are empty.

Among others I've tried using: WiPassDump, WifiPass, PasswordGrabber, Ascii-Prank and others.

Nothing in the loot folder, and the "Ascii-Prank" didn't do anything.

I tried it on 3 different computers (all windows 10).


Any ideas on what could be the probelm?

Is there are way to debug a PAYLOAD so I'd see which command fails?

I'd appreciate any help.





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I don't have a screen shot of it but with a fresh install of win10 on a machine, it doesn't like to execute powershell scripts.  I found that by manually executing a script, powershell with prompt something that basically says block or allow.  You have to say Y to allow execution of scripts.  Once you do that it'll run those scripts.  WiPassDump and WifiPass ran without issues after that.  Hope this helps.

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